You found your way to (one of) my home(s)-on-the-web! I’ll crack open the champagne. While I locate a corkscrew (and attempt to develop a liking for champagne), why not take a look at what I do?

I’m a writer. I write spunky copy for small businesses and I give writing emotive personal stories for my own blog a good go, too.

Behind the scenes, I spend an inordinate amount of time eating, watching live music and marvelling at the skills of spoken word poets. And dancing – it’s my lifeblood.

Ah, and the seemingly pretentious ‘L’ in my name? As luck would have it, I share a middle name with almost every other English baby who happened to be born a girl in the mid-to-late ’80s. Ergo, the URL without the initial wasn’t available. (But also? I like to pretend I’m as Fonzie-like as this guy.)

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